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What is Public Relations?


Imagine you work for the coast guard, flying over the Pacific Ocean in a rescue chopper. You see one person fighting for their lives against an unforgiving current and another person trapped on an island. But you only have enough fuel to rescue one of them.

Shaking Hands Continents Hands Policy Shake

The PRSA definition is “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

You take a deep breath and fly in for a closer look. You realize you can only rescue one of them and so you save the person on the island because you could land on the beach.

They thank you for your heroics, but tell you that you should’ve saved the person about to drown because they were in a worse situation and the person you rescued had enough food on the island to survive for a week. Now, the pit of your stomach turns and twists, you turn back to look at the person in the water, but they’re no longer visible. You have fear, uncertainty and doubt for their survival.

trust-meter Was the choice you made good or bad? Who you are reflects negatively and you wish you could do it all over again to not have a bad reputation. The reputation of a rescuer has been killed and now every rescuer worldwide are believed to be incompetent life savers. The person you rescued was a public relations professor and informs you that your decision has affected how he perceives everyone who wears your uniform and everyone who makes a living by helping others live.

The professor explains that public relations is more than merely a one-man-show, while it only takes one person to make everyone look bad, pending on the situation and parts that help make it whole. How do you make up for looking like an incompetent life saver and one who’s soiled the image of every rescuer?

The answer’s simple. You tell the professor that you made a decision in no time at all and knew that only one life could be saved. If you hadn’t saved the professor, you couldn’t have known there was food enough for one week. You’ve regained confidence and told him you’re a trained professional who’s saved thousands of lives and knows how to weigh difficult decisions more than most people. The professor thanks you and you’ve restored your image.


But has every rescuer had their image restored now that the professor knew he was wrong to critique your work ethic? Yes, but how? Because you know who you are as an individual and telling the truth, telling it all, telling it fast, and moving on helped ensure the professor that all others in your field are confident, skilled, and competent in their work.


Body Image

Body image is an important topic that we each focus on every minute of our lives. This blog looks at one man’s story and how his life is dedicated to helping people get to where they are. Shayne Wittkopp teaches in the exercise science department at Central Washington University. Below is a brief look at his personal story, a questions and answers interview which helps reveal Wittkopp’s beliefs, and an audio slideshow.

Shayne Wittkopp Before a Strategic Training Session

Q&A: Shayne Wittkopp

‘Athletics was a way for me to become a popular kid…and feel really good about myself’

Jacob Hollingsworth

Thursday 18 February 2016

Shayne Wittkopp, 34, was born in Montana. Training outside of normal workout hours, this Central Washington University instructor left performance training in New York after graduate school to help others achieve their goals here. Shayne now teaches scientific foundations of resistance training as well as sustainable wellness, and has an American counsel for exercise and personal training course. In seventh grade, Shayne started with athletics and played football and basketball for the first time. This all state football would have two knee surgeries, a shoulder injury, a torn ACL, dislocated elbow, broken nose, and a concussion—but not before becoming a Montana state triple jumper champion, and having been on three national championship collegiate track teams with five Olympians to share the track with. Also, Shayne graduated from college with a 3.92 GPA. After graduating, he spent most of his life training for what competition should come next, but Ellensburg drove Wittkopp to inspire and instruct other Wildcats through exercise science so they can best learn how body image impacts one’s self esteem and personal growth.

How did your journey begin to become a fitness trainer?

It really didn’t start with fitness. It starts with athletics for a lot of personal trainers.

Perfect Pushups with Dumbbell

Did you take nutritional or healthy life-style classes to get to where you are now?

…I’m the biggest nerd about the human body ever…what I really wanted to do was help people just like me.

Do you teach classes now to promote a healthy life style?

I teach people to be a personal trainer. I teach scientific foundations, and sustainable wellness.

Shayne in the Exercise Room

How important is daily exercise?

Very, very important. ‘A day without movement is a day without food.’

What are some positive effects of not becoming sedentary?

That can reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease by 50%. It can reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s by 33%.

How does body image or that fit figure impact one’s life?

I think body image is this thing…it can be tragic sometimes.

Wittkopp at the Helm of a Rigorous Workout Routine

How does society tell what a man should look like?

What should a man look like? I think that’s up to kind of interpretation I think. Little boys should be able to have emotions…and same thing with little girls.

Have you developed a discipline for how you eat?

For me I just pre-decide. You know…was it grown on a plant or was it made in a plant? I try to eat as much whole food as I can.

No Pain, No Gain

What’s so unique about our culture’s perception towards body image?

A big thing in the united states for me is…instant gratification is kind of the thing, right? Where we can develop a application that will have dominos send us pizza to our GPS location. We want to make things convenient.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as a fitness trainer?

What I really, really do enjoy is helping students be where they want to be.