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“Linebacker” Kellyanne Conway Plays Defense for Trump in Interviews with the Press


You could say Donald J. Trump has become America’s “quarterback” now that he’s the President of the United States–deciding where to throw the ball. But how hard is too hard a catch Trump’s teammates might be forced to handle? The press has its own offensive and defensive teams ready to intercept.

“If you’re part of Team Trump, you walk around with these gaping, seeping wounds every single day,” said Trump’s Senior Advisor and Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway on the set of Fox News…Then, is it in anyone’s best interest to work for such an administration that doesn’t seem to want to get along with news reporters?

Whether or not you live in the United States, you’re probably aware that President Trump isn’t on the same page as many news outlets in the U.S., whose job it is to call upon the red carpet those who do not defend the U.S. Constitution or speak the truth. This crisis could impact how First-Amendment-scholars (journalists) confront the Trump Administration.

It’s noticeable how strategic Conway is when encouraged to respond on behalf of President Trump for important matters or issues addressed by her interviewers. One has to wonder why anyone would want a job that entails “seeping wounds.” Doesn’t seem very smart.


In countless interviews with CNN, Fox News, ABC News and The View‘s “The Political View,” Conway may have shown signs of “Trumpitis,” seen by the way former 2016 U.S. candidate Trump responded to questions during his campaign, prior to his inauguration, leading questions away from answers and toward another question.

It is obvious to TheWallStreetJacob that Conway takes on a “Trumpian” approach toward answering questions from the press, media or reporters, which almost always sparks debate, confusion or a heated argument during live broadcasts.

Is Conway’s lack of support to the media in addressing important matters from a non-biased perspective intentional or has her affiliation with Trump given the media a reason to believe Conway’s merely playing hardball to hide information from the Trump Administration, who doesn’t want private information leaked to the public?

Sabotage against an internal body of news correspondents across an entire nation or not, Conway might be hurting her reputation by advocating for President Trump’s recently thrown shade since his 2016-electoral college vote-victory.


For instance, President Trump has called many news sources “Fake News,” offending many news anchors such as Fox News’s Chris Wallace. When Wallace brought that to Conway’s attention during an interview, his statement was redirected to Conway’s justification to call news sources out as being fake.

This is because perhaps Conway feels as though very little recognition has been given to the Trump Administration for its showmanship in class, kindness and support for American people. For further elaboration on this matter, TheWallStreetJacob encourages you to continue reading.

Of course, while trading facts–or were they trading “alternative facts?”–Wallace appeared to have glazed over during Conway’s retaliations throughout heavier discussions in the interview. And yes…more insults were given to news anchors around the country on the etiquette of proper news coverage by Conway.


“If you’re part of Team Trump, you walk around with these gaping, seeping wounds every single day. And, and that’s fine. I believe in a full and fair press. I’m here every Sunday morning. I haven’t slept in in months. I believe in a full and fair press, but with a free press comes responsibility, and the responsibility is to get the story right. Biased coverage, easy to detect–incomplete coverage–impossible to detect.

President Trump has signed all these executive orders this week. He’s met with these heads-of-state, he’s done so many things to stimulate the economy, to boost wages, to create new jobs. Where’s the coverage?” said Conway.

One thing is certain. The Trump Administration have the ball and is kicking off into a rough net since Trump took office. Will the press intercept Trump and his top players for a major touchdown that can upset The Trump Administration by divulging potentially unconstitutional acts, or is The Trump Administration too slick for reporters to get their hands on classified information that may expose President Trump as someone who his supporters wouldn’t believe he is?


Next 15 Anticipates Healthy Growth Projection. What’s Next?


Public Relations tech firms are significant layers in a tech atmosphere each pr expert breathes in.

London tech communication group Next 15 has seen more than 60 percent of its revenue generated in the U.S. PR Week’s John Harrington blogged about a particular entry called “Next 15: US exposure and acquisitions to benefit full-year results (”

To better understand public relations and the countless of fields that are affected by its firms and agencies, one may simply look at the developing world they’re a part of and observe what exactly is blossoming before their eyes. For instance, in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and so many other great nations, social, mobile, and cloud are the three primary tech platforms of communication.

Harrington’s blog touched on important details Next 15 will be greatly investing in for the 2017 year: data, content and technology. TheWallStreetJacob wants to reiterate this in the words of Next 15’s Chairman Richard Eyre.

“The group continues to invest in three areas: data, content and technology. This is positioning it well for the future and attracting a high caliber of talent and customers. In the year ahead we expect to enhance our data, content and technology capabilities organically and by acquisition, as we see these as drivers of long-term growth.”

TheWallStreetJacob (TWSJ) found this blog to be interesting because many outside tech agencies or firms must know and deal with the pressures of competing with native U.S. top-dogs who are trying to push competing tech rivals outside of the marketplace for digital and technology companies who seek to dip their foreign ‘chips’ into domestic ‘sauces.’

One has to ask themselves how they plan on going from good to great.

Next 15 has added General Motors, Unilever, KPMG and Deliveroo to its tech-resume, but are they good enough to help Next 15 see expected growth projections for the 2017 calendar year? Only time will tell.

Harrington wrote “The firm pointed to acquisitions in the past year, including tech PR agency Publitek, technical content and digital marketing firm Pinnacle, along with b2b digital marketing agency Twogether and market research business HPI.”

How will Next 15 improve its three primary tech platforms of communication–Social, Mobile and Cloud–to become a well liked American brand and is it in their best interest to implement a strategy to rip off its preexisting London label?

It would seem that with more exposure, Next 15 isn’t far from making it to the top, but there’s still many obstacles yet to face.