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Trump Builds Wall in New York… ‘Times’

President-elect Trump may be walking on sunshine, but one global community has recently been stirred by The Donald yet again. This time, it’s both physically and mentally impaired people.

Trump has taken a lot of heat for allegedly mocking a physically handicapped reporter from the New York Times. The entire U.S. disabled community isn’t excited about having a President-elect like Trump, according to Vox news site and the Washington Post. Trump’s tweets appear defensive and one has to wonder if he truly understands compassion.

Is this crisis one of many yet to come?

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Disability rights advocate Anastasia Somoza and pro-Hillary Clinton Super-Pac ad actor Dante Latchman, who suffers from a rare cancer of the spine and appears physically disabled, are two people of an entire global community who are not sure how to feel after Trump’s ‘interpretive performance’ during an interview.

While his personal brand shows consistency, the public eye sees him as someone without a filter who is confident in his decisions and not aware of insults to another person. Golden Globes speaker Meryl Streep said “When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”

This is a global crisis because Trump’s choices and behavior reflect who he is as a man with a family, a businessman or stakeholder, and a leader who has global relations with clientele both foreign and domestic who may no longer respect him, or want to continue businessRelated image


Trump immediately defended his case on Twitter, followed by 73 thousand tweets, and 38 thousand re-tweets on his initial post, January 9th, in retaliation to Meryl Streep’s subtle “shame-on-you” attack at the 74th Golden Globes.

Vox News reporter Ari Ne’eman says policy is what mattered in deciding the “disabled-persons-vote” for our new year’s presidency. “What mattered—and matters—to us was policy. Hillary Clinton offered clear, specific, and timely policy proposals to expand the social safety net and civil rights of people with disabilities, while Trump made clear his intent to slash services and roll back legal protections.”

Whether you’re republican or democratic, an extremist, or radical—surely there’s handicapped people among every nation who should be shown respect, but that’s not an example of leadership Trump demonstrated.

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The spotlight hits one victim–New York Time’s reporter Serge F. Kovaleski, who’s one of potentially millions of people in an underdog society known as ‘disabled people,’ insulted by a cruel representation of Serge’s disability. Trump simply played it cool and said he was mocking Serge groveling at him.

Serge F. kovaleski has not shown signs of aggression, but strength. A hard-to-determine-if-it’s-real-‘Reasonable Trump’-Twitter account posted “During my campaign, I made an unflattering and insensitive portrayal of people with disabilities to mock Serge Kovaleski. I truly am sorry.” That was posted on December 15th, 2016, the 220th anniversary of our Constitution’s First Amendment and Bill of Rights.

Convenient, right?

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–That an apology by a Twitter-Trump for his means of expressively mocking Serge’s groveling, knowing how bad it made Donald Trump look, took place on the anniversary of the First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech and symbolic language. In this case, Trump’s expressive representation of Kovaleski.

However, The WallTweet Journal (WTJ) has a difficult time believing this apology is indeed President-elect Trump because he is not a man who regrets his actions if he truly means what he does and says, and why not simply apologize on national television or on NPR if he were to make a public announcement regarding his sympathies?

Only time will tell if Trump will serve as an honorable 45th president of the United States. As our country sadly reflects the choices and slander made by a successful businessman, the rest of the world eagerly anticipates the decisions and behavior of President-elect Trump to shine as honorary examples of both integrity and leadership.