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“The Most Interesting Journalist in the World”

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If you thought print journalism is dying out, think again. A blast from the past argues otherwise as Richard Moreno discusses his career involving journalism and what the future holds for those of us who were born tweeting.

Moreno is currently head of one of three main editorial departments at Central Washington University: Content, graphics, and web/marketing. Overseeing the content that’s published on campus for a year and a half, Moreno has sadly put in his two weeks for a final farewell to Central.

“The bigger the newspaper, the less you do,” said Moreno. In a passionate conversation that focused on work ethic and what one’s career may look like in journalism, the former Western University of Illinois professor for nine years boldly stated that jobs used to be where the more promotions you get, the less it seems you’re required to do on the site, but things are changing and simply knowing how to write isn’t good enough anymore.

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Moreno has published 13 books and is currently working on number 14 with a very eager editor who’s been waiting very patiently. He’s worked for the Reno Gazette Journal for four years, the Nevada Commission on Tourism for almost eight years, an Oakland, California newspaper for eight months, and has a blog that’s crying to receive more attention from Rich.

“Read as much as you can,” said Moreno, “because doing so will help you become a better listener.” Another important detail Moreno wanted the class to take away with is to always practice writing and become aware of different styles that exist.

Of all Moreno’s many wonders and adventures, he proudly stated his favorite journey, which was working for a travel history column for 20 years. His almost 15-year-long career for the Nevada Magazine helped train him with deadline pressure, which is an experience he’s grateful for and wants all students to become comfortable with in order to perform as best they can.

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Richard has a Master’s degree in journalism and a Ph.D. in life. Having come from such an extensive background in journalism, is it safe to say he’s the…”Most Interesting Man Alive?”

One thing is certain. Whether you’re blogging, writing columns for a travel magazine and getting to see the country’s hot spots, or teaching at a university at your heart’s content, Moreno is one journalist and father who appreciates the little things in life.

As for what the future holds, try not to read too fast and enjoy the feeling of turning over a new page—aside from swiping right and getting thumb cramps.


“Linebacker” Kellyanne Conway Plays Defense for Trump in Interviews with the Press


You could say Donald J. Trump has become America’s “quarterback” now that he’s the President of the United States–deciding where to throw the ball. But how hard is too hard a catch Trump’s teammates might be forced to handle? The press has its own offensive and defensive teams ready to intercept.

“If you’re part of Team Trump, you walk around with these gaping, seeping wounds every single day,” said Trump’s Senior Advisor and Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway on the set of Fox News…Then, is it in anyone’s best interest to work for such an administration that doesn’t seem to want to get along with news reporters?

Whether or not you live in the United States, you’re probably aware that President Trump isn’t on the same page as many news outlets in the U.S., whose job it is to call upon the red carpet those who do not defend the U.S. Constitution or speak the truth. This crisis could impact how First-Amendment-scholars (journalists) confront the Trump Administration.

It’s noticeable how strategic Conway is when encouraged to respond on behalf of President Trump for important matters or issues addressed by her interviewers. One has to wonder why anyone would want a job that entails “seeping wounds.” Doesn’t seem very smart.


In countless interviews with CNN, Fox News, ABC News and The View‘s “The Political View,” Conway may have shown signs of “Trumpitis,” seen by the way former 2016 U.S. candidate Trump responded to questions during his campaign, prior to his inauguration, leading questions away from answers and toward another question.

It is obvious to TheWallStreetJacob that Conway takes on a “Trumpian” approach toward answering questions from the press, media or reporters, which almost always sparks debate, confusion or a heated argument during live broadcasts.

Is Conway’s lack of support to the media in addressing important matters from a non-biased perspective intentional or has her affiliation with Trump given the media a reason to believe Conway’s merely playing hardball to hide information from the Trump Administration, who doesn’t want private information leaked to the public?

Sabotage against an internal body of news correspondents across an entire nation or not, Conway might be hurting her reputation by advocating for President Trump’s recently thrown shade since his 2016-electoral college vote-victory.


For instance, President Trump has called many news sources “Fake News,” offending many news anchors such as Fox News’s Chris Wallace. When Wallace brought that to Conway’s attention during an interview, his statement was redirected to Conway’s justification to call news sources out as being fake.

This is because perhaps Conway feels as though very little recognition has been given to the Trump Administration for its showmanship in class, kindness and support for American people. For further elaboration on this matter, TheWallStreetJacob encourages you to continue reading.

Of course, while trading facts–or were they trading “alternative facts?”–Wallace appeared to have glazed over during Conway’s retaliations throughout heavier discussions in the interview. And yes…more insults were given to news anchors around the country on the etiquette of proper news coverage by Conway.


“If you’re part of Team Trump, you walk around with these gaping, seeping wounds every single day. And, and that’s fine. I believe in a full and fair press. I’m here every Sunday morning. I haven’t slept in in months. I believe in a full and fair press, but with a free press comes responsibility, and the responsibility is to get the story right. Biased coverage, easy to detect–incomplete coverage–impossible to detect.

President Trump has signed all these executive orders this week. He’s met with these heads-of-state, he’s done so many things to stimulate the economy, to boost wages, to create new jobs. Where’s the coverage?” said Conway.

One thing is certain. The Trump Administration have the ball and is kicking off into a rough net since Trump took office. Will the press intercept Trump and his top players for a major touchdown that can upset The Trump Administration by divulging potentially unconstitutional acts, or is The Trump Administration too slick for reporters to get their hands on classified information that may expose President Trump as someone who his supporters wouldn’t believe he is?