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“The Most Interesting Journalist in the World”

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If you thought print journalism is dying out, think again. A blast from the past argues otherwise as Richard Moreno discusses his career involving journalism and what the future holds for those of us who were born tweeting.

Moreno is currently head of one of three main editorial departments at Central Washington University: Content, graphics, and web/marketing. Overseeing the content that’s published on campus for a year and a half, Moreno has sadly put in his two weeks for a final farewell to Central.

“The bigger the newspaper, the less you do,” said Moreno. In a passionate conversation that focused on work ethic and what one’s career may look like in journalism, the former Western University of Illinois professor for nine years boldly stated that jobs used to be where the more promotions you get, the less it seems you’re required to do on the site, but things are changing and simply knowing how to write isn’t good enough anymore.

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Moreno has published 13 books and is currently working on number 14 with a very eager editor who’s been waiting very patiently. He’s worked for the Reno Gazette Journal for four years, the Nevada Commission on Tourism for almost eight years, an Oakland, California newspaper for eight months, and has a blog that’s crying to receive more attention from Rich.

“Read as much as you can,” said Moreno, “because doing so will help you become a better listener.” Another important detail Moreno wanted the class to take away with is to always practice writing and become aware of different styles that exist.

Of all Moreno’s many wonders and adventures, he proudly stated his favorite journey, which was working for a travel history column for 20 years. His almost 15-year-long career for the Nevada Magazine helped train him with deadline pressure, which is an experience he’s grateful for and wants all students to become comfortable with in order to perform as best they can.

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Richard has a Master’s degree in journalism and a Ph.D. in life. Having come from such an extensive background in journalism, is it safe to say he’s the…”Most Interesting Man Alive?”

One thing is certain. Whether you’re blogging, writing columns for a travel magazine and getting to see the country’s hot spots, or teaching at a university at your heart’s content, Moreno is one journalist and father who appreciates the little things in life.

As for what the future holds, try not to read too fast and enjoy the feeling of turning over a new page—aside from swiping right and getting thumb cramps.


Central’s Wildcat-Faculty May Want to Retract Claws



pic-1Since TheWallStreetJacob’s first quarter at Central Washington University in 2014, it seems students talk more about the not-so-good professors than those who have found a warm place in a student’s heart to call home.

Central Washington University welcomes all walks of life to its campus. At least, that’s what President James Gaudino believes in. However, are the professors, both tenure and non-tenure track, aware of this? Having heard many stories about teachers disrespecting students, shutting down students’ class-discussion-comments, and making students feel as though their voice doesn’t matter is a major crisis.



Faculty who treat students how they’d want to be treated, help to unify the classroom and show others they should follow the golden rule, too. Favoring students, bad idea. The 2014-2017 school years included many discussions of faculty showing disregard for students across campus.

The Student Union and Recreation Center, located in the center of campus, serves as an information-library, housing many heated novels of students clashing with faculty because of instructor’s misinterpretations, poor work ethic, or failure to respect a student’s ideas.



Being aware of what you do and say is essential to your personal-PR or public relations. When life figuratively hands you needles and a spool of yarn, sew something you can be proud of. In short, your actions have consequences.




Faculty may land in hot water if they’re not aware of their attitude or negative verbal or non-verbal communication toward students who haven’t aimed or fired anything at them.





If students don’t feel like they’re in a safe, educational environment to learn, grow, and interact with their professors and classmates, this can lead to a potential “fire.”

Instructors need to spark teaching strategies and implement respectful tactics in class that make students feel safe, eager to learn, and excited for class the next day.

Of course, work ethic is much like a fingerprint. Science Correspondent and writer for The Telegraph Sarah Knapton reported Mr. Silverman from the Home Office’s first Forensic Science Regulator that “No two fingerprints are ever exactly alike in every detail, even two impressions recorded immediately after each other from the same finger,” he said.



Professor Dumbledore had great respect for the workplace. He listened to all his students, was clear, concise, and was an excellent public speaker, who didn’t judge others before he got to know them. It’s essential that both instructors and students are paying attention to their surroundings and themselves. It’s also important that students respect their superiors in any field of work.

When students maintain a consistent image with their leaders, managers, or supervisors, it helps them determine if who they hired is genuinely a kind person or not.

Some stories shot around campus are that professors don’t make sense when explaining things because they use too many words students don’t know and become upset if asked to restate their thought.



From tragedy to comedy, TheWallStreetJacob has heard it all. Some professors have the feather to a Wildcat’s funny-bone, while other instructors receive the monotone chirping of crickets and grasshoppers, who even outside, wished they (and the class) hadn’t heard a desperate attempt at humor or the disrespectful tone of a university professor.

If a professor is rude, frustrated, or having a bad day (or life…), that’s no excuse to take it out on students they may or may not know. That’s why it’s important for professors to explain things calmly and politely, in order to avoid restatement and having to clarify.



Universities are a place for making mistakes and learning from them, making connections, and becoming well rounded in one’s passion in life, all while having fun. It’s important for instructors and students to smile. Everyone’s watching you!

Respect all walks of life and have an excitement for growing with others who love and share the same passion as you. The more faculty on campus who understand this, the less negative reporting students will have toward instructors on campus.

“Linebacker” Kellyanne Conway Plays Defense for Trump in Interviews with the Press


You could say Donald J. Trump has become America’s “quarterback” now that he’s the President of the United States–deciding where to throw the ball. But how hard is too hard a catch Trump’s teammates might be forced to handle? The press has its own offensive and defensive teams ready to intercept.

“If you’re part of Team Trump, you walk around with these gaping, seeping wounds every single day,” said Trump’s Senior Advisor and Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway on the set of Fox News…Then, is it in anyone’s best interest to work for such an administration that doesn’t seem to want to get along with news reporters?

Whether or not you live in the United States, you’re probably aware that President Trump isn’t on the same page as many news outlets in the U.S., whose job it is to call upon the red carpet those who do not defend the U.S. Constitution or speak the truth. This crisis could impact how First-Amendment-scholars (journalists) confront the Trump Administration.

It’s noticeable how strategic Conway is when encouraged to respond on behalf of President Trump for important matters or issues addressed by her interviewers. One has to wonder why anyone would want a job that entails “seeping wounds.” Doesn’t seem very smart.


In countless interviews with CNN, Fox News, ABC News and The View‘s “The Political View,” Conway may have shown signs of “Trumpitis,” seen by the way former 2016 U.S. candidate Trump responded to questions during his campaign, prior to his inauguration, leading questions away from answers and toward another question.

It is obvious to TheWallStreetJacob that Conway takes on a “Trumpian” approach toward answering questions from the press, media or reporters, which almost always sparks debate, confusion or a heated argument during live broadcasts.

Is Conway’s lack of support to the media in addressing important matters from a non-biased perspective intentional or has her affiliation with Trump given the media a reason to believe Conway’s merely playing hardball to hide information from the Trump Administration, who doesn’t want private information leaked to the public?

Sabotage against an internal body of news correspondents across an entire nation or not, Conway might be hurting her reputation by advocating for President Trump’s recently thrown shade since his 2016-electoral college vote-victory.


For instance, President Trump has called many news sources “Fake News,” offending many news anchors such as Fox News’s Chris Wallace. When Wallace brought that to Conway’s attention during an interview, his statement was redirected to Conway’s justification to call news sources out as being fake.

This is because perhaps Conway feels as though very little recognition has been given to the Trump Administration for its showmanship in class, kindness and support for American people. For further elaboration on this matter, TheWallStreetJacob encourages you to continue reading.

Of course, while trading facts–or were they trading “alternative facts?”–Wallace appeared to have glazed over during Conway’s retaliations throughout heavier discussions in the interview. And yes…more insults were given to news anchors around the country on the etiquette of proper news coverage by Conway.


“If you’re part of Team Trump, you walk around with these gaping, seeping wounds every single day. And, and that’s fine. I believe in a full and fair press. I’m here every Sunday morning. I haven’t slept in in months. I believe in a full and fair press, but with a free press comes responsibility, and the responsibility is to get the story right. Biased coverage, easy to detect–incomplete coverage–impossible to detect.

President Trump has signed all these executive orders this week. He’s met with these heads-of-state, he’s done so many things to stimulate the economy, to boost wages, to create new jobs. Where’s the coverage?” said Conway.

One thing is certain. The Trump Administration have the ball and is kicking off into a rough net since Trump took office. Will the press intercept Trump and his top players for a major touchdown that can upset The Trump Administration by divulging potentially unconstitutional acts, or is The Trump Administration too slick for reporters to get their hands on classified information that may expose President Trump as someone who his supporters wouldn’t believe he is?

Starbucks Not Quite Home to the Homeless


Three Starbucks outlets in Los Angeles, California have closed their restrooms even to paying customers as a result of homeless people using their facilities and leaving them in worse conditions than what the facilities were like before they were used as “public shower stalls.”

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz wants each of his stores to feel the same for every customer who walks in. Wouldn’t you think so?

But our world’s number one coffee roasting, WiFi-connected home away from home is not home, but still an outlet for those who wish to enjoy the humble beginnings of a new day by sipping a fresh cup of coffee before, during or after work.

One Starbucks near Santa Monica Beach, California was visited by David Rodriguez Ordunez, one of 44 thousand homeless people living on the streets of Los Angeles, recorded by NPR’s Food For Thought writer Anna Scott in May 3, 2016.


“In a statement, the company said the closures are because of unspecified safety concerns. But former Starbucks supervisor Lester Monzon says the chain has had a long-standing struggle with the homeless relying on its bathrooms,” said Scott.


One has to wonder how the rest of the homeless community will feel when word reaches out that Starbucks is shutting its restrooms down because of homeless people.

“And then a lot of times if you’re homeless, you’ve got to get up at a certain time ’cause if not, they’ll give you a ticket,” Ordunez adds. “That’s totally inhumane. I’m like, give me a place to live or somewhere to go or something,” said Ordunez.

Baristas working at Starbucks are comfortable with communicating with customers who speak their lingo, but how can Starbucks employees practice good employee-customer relations when “20-25 percent of the homeless population in the U.S. suffers from some form of severe mental illness — and many baristas aren’t sure how to interact with homeless customers showing signs of mental distress,” said Scott.



This crisis between Starbucks and its homeless customers may have had its share of attention being located in the entertainment capital of the world–Los Angeles–but can something be done to prevent further crises between Starbucks employees and customers everywhere who don’t speak the ‘StarNacular’ (vernacular) of Starbucks? TheWallTweetJNL and TheWallStreetJacob thinks so.

With proper training and communication skills, Starbucks employees can minimize threats to its industry by preparing for the unexpected with both homeless people and residents in order to maintain its reputation as the world’s number one coffee roaster, not a business that refuses to serve paying customers.

Next 15 Anticipates Healthy Growth Projection. What’s Next?


Public Relations tech firms are significant layers in a tech atmosphere each pr expert breathes in.

London tech communication group Next 15 has seen more than 60 percent of its revenue generated in the U.S. PR Week’s John Harrington blogged about a particular entry called “Next 15: US exposure and acquisitions to benefit full-year results (”

To better understand public relations and the countless of fields that are affected by its firms and agencies, one may simply look at the developing world they’re a part of and observe what exactly is blossoming before their eyes. For instance, in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and so many other great nations, social, mobile, and cloud are the three primary tech platforms of communication.

Harrington’s blog touched on important details Next 15 will be greatly investing in for the 2017 year: data, content and technology. TheWallStreetJacob wants to reiterate this in the words of Next 15’s Chairman Richard Eyre.

“The group continues to invest in three areas: data, content and technology. This is positioning it well for the future and attracting a high caliber of talent and customers. In the year ahead we expect to enhance our data, content and technology capabilities organically and by acquisition, as we see these as drivers of long-term growth.”

TheWallStreetJacob (TWSJ) found this blog to be interesting because many outside tech agencies or firms must know and deal with the pressures of competing with native U.S. top-dogs who are trying to push competing tech rivals outside of the marketplace for digital and technology companies who seek to dip their foreign ‘chips’ into domestic ‘sauces.’

One has to ask themselves how they plan on going from good to great.

Next 15 has added General Motors, Unilever, KPMG and Deliveroo to its tech-resume, but are they good enough to help Next 15 see expected growth projections for the 2017 calendar year? Only time will tell.

Harrington wrote “The firm pointed to acquisitions in the past year, including tech PR agency Publitek, technical content and digital marketing firm Pinnacle, along with b2b digital marketing agency Twogether and market research business HPI.”

How will Next 15 improve its three primary tech platforms of communication–Social, Mobile and Cloud–to become a well liked American brand and is it in their best interest to implement a strategy to rip off its preexisting London label?

It would seem that with more exposure, Next 15 isn’t far from making it to the top, but there’s still many obstacles yet to face.

What is Public Relations?


Imagine you work for the coast guard, flying over the Pacific Ocean in a rescue chopper. You see one person fighting for their lives against an unforgiving current and another person trapped on an island. But you only have enough fuel to rescue one of them.

Shaking Hands Continents Hands Policy Shake

The PRSA definition is “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

You take a deep breath and fly in for a closer look. You realize you can only rescue one of them and so you save the person on the island because you could land on the beach.

They thank you for your heroics, but tell you that you should’ve saved the person about to drown because they were in a worse situation and the person you rescued had enough food on the island to survive for a week. Now, the pit of your stomach turns and twists, you turn back to look at the person in the water, but they’re no longer visible. You have fear, uncertainty and doubt for their survival.

trust-meter Was the choice you made good or bad? Who you are reflects negatively and you wish you could do it all over again to not have a bad reputation. The reputation of a rescuer has been killed and now every rescuer worldwide are believed to be incompetent life savers. The person you rescued was a public relations professor and informs you that your decision has affected how he perceives everyone who wears your uniform and everyone who makes a living by helping others live.

The professor explains that public relations is more than merely a one-man-show, while it only takes one person to make everyone look bad, pending on the situation and parts that help make it whole. How do you make up for looking like an incompetent life saver and one who’s soiled the image of every rescuer?

The answer’s simple. You tell the professor that you made a decision in no time at all and knew that only one life could be saved. If you hadn’t saved the professor, you couldn’t have known there was food enough for one week. You’ve regained confidence and told him you’re a trained professional who’s saved thousands of lives and knows how to weigh difficult decisions more than most people. The professor thanks you and you’ve restored your image.


But has every rescuer had their image restored now that the professor knew he was wrong to critique your work ethic? Yes, but how? Because you know who you are as an individual and telling the truth, telling it all, telling it fast, and moving on helped ensure the professor that all others in your field are confident, skilled, and competent in their work.

Trump Builds Wall in New York… ‘Times’

President-elect Trump may be walking on sunshine, but one global community has recently been stirred by The Donald yet again. This time, it’s both physically and mentally impaired people.

Trump has taken a lot of heat for allegedly mocking a physically handicapped reporter from the New York Times. The entire U.S. disabled community isn’t excited about having a President-elect like Trump, according to Vox news site and the Washington Post. Trump’s tweets appear defensive and one has to wonder if he truly understands compassion.

Is this crisis one of many yet to come?

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Disability rights advocate Anastasia Somoza and pro-Hillary Clinton Super-Pac ad actor Dante Latchman, who suffers from a rare cancer of the spine and appears physically disabled, are two people of an entire global community who are not sure how to feel after Trump’s ‘interpretive performance’ during an interview.

While his personal brand shows consistency, the public eye sees him as someone without a filter who is confident in his decisions and not aware of insults to another person. Golden Globes speaker Meryl Streep said “When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”

This is a global crisis because Trump’s choices and behavior reflect who he is as a man with a family, a businessman or stakeholder, and a leader who has global relations with clientele both foreign and domestic who may no longer respect him, or want to continue businessRelated image


Trump immediately defended his case on Twitter, followed by 73 thousand tweets, and 38 thousand re-tweets on his initial post, January 9th, in retaliation to Meryl Streep’s subtle “shame-on-you” attack at the 74th Golden Globes.

Vox News reporter Ari Ne’eman says policy is what mattered in deciding the “disabled-persons-vote” for our new year’s presidency. “What mattered—and matters—to us was policy. Hillary Clinton offered clear, specific, and timely policy proposals to expand the social safety net and civil rights of people with disabilities, while Trump made clear his intent to slash services and roll back legal protections.”

Whether you’re republican or democratic, an extremist, or radical—surely there’s handicapped people among every nation who should be shown respect, but that’s not an example of leadership Trump demonstrated.

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The spotlight hits one victim–New York Time’s reporter Serge F. Kovaleski, who’s one of potentially millions of people in an underdog society known as ‘disabled people,’ insulted by a cruel representation of Serge’s disability. Trump simply played it cool and said he was mocking Serge groveling at him.

Serge F. kovaleski has not shown signs of aggression, but strength. A hard-to-determine-if-it’s-real-‘Reasonable Trump’-Twitter account posted “During my campaign, I made an unflattering and insensitive portrayal of people with disabilities to mock Serge Kovaleski. I truly am sorry.” That was posted on December 15th, 2016, the 220th anniversary of our Constitution’s First Amendment and Bill of Rights.

Convenient, right?

Image result for first amendment

–That an apology by a Twitter-Trump for his means of expressively mocking Serge’s groveling, knowing how bad it made Donald Trump look, took place on the anniversary of the First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech and symbolic language. In this case, Trump’s expressive representation of Kovaleski.

However, The WallTweet Journal (WTJ) has a difficult time believing this apology is indeed President-elect Trump because he is not a man who regrets his actions if he truly means what he does and says, and why not simply apologize on national television or on NPR if he were to make a public announcement regarding his sympathies?

Only time will tell if Trump will serve as an honorable 45th president of the United States. As our country sadly reflects the choices and slander made by a successful businessman, the rest of the world eagerly anticipates the decisions and behavior of President-elect Trump to shine as honorary examples of both integrity and leadership.

Study in the Wild, Not at Home

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Body Image

Body image is an important topic that we each focus on every minute of our lives. This blog looks at one man’s story and how his life is dedicated to helping people get to where they are. Shayne Wittkopp teaches in the exercise science department at Central Washington University. Below is a brief look at his personal story, a questions and answers interview which helps reveal Wittkopp’s beliefs, and an audio slideshow.

Shayne Wittkopp Before a Strategic Training Session

Q&A: Shayne Wittkopp

‘Athletics was a way for me to become a popular kid…and feel really good about myself’

Jacob Hollingsworth

Thursday 18 February 2016

Shayne Wittkopp, 34, was born in Montana. Training outside of normal workout hours, this Central Washington University instructor left performance training in New York after graduate school to help others achieve their goals here. Shayne now teaches scientific foundations of resistance training as well as sustainable wellness, and has an American counsel for exercise and personal training course. In seventh grade, Shayne started with athletics and played football and basketball for the first time. This all state football would have two knee surgeries, a shoulder injury, a torn ACL, dislocated elbow, broken nose, and a concussion—but not before becoming a Montana state triple jumper champion, and having been on three national championship collegiate track teams with five Olympians to share the track with. Also, Shayne graduated from college with a 3.92 GPA. After graduating, he spent most of his life training for what competition should come next, but Ellensburg drove Wittkopp to inspire and instruct other Wildcats through exercise science so they can best learn how body image impacts one’s self esteem and personal growth.

How did your journey begin to become a fitness trainer?

It really didn’t start with fitness. It starts with athletics for a lot of personal trainers.

Perfect Pushups with Dumbbell

Did you take nutritional or healthy life-style classes to get to where you are now?

…I’m the biggest nerd about the human body ever…what I really wanted to do was help people just like me.

Do you teach classes now to promote a healthy life style?

I teach people to be a personal trainer. I teach scientific foundations, and sustainable wellness.

Shayne in the Exercise Room

How important is daily exercise?

Very, very important. ‘A day without movement is a day without food.’

What are some positive effects of not becoming sedentary?

That can reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease by 50%. It can reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s by 33%.

How does body image or that fit figure impact one’s life?

I think body image is this thing…it can be tragic sometimes.

Wittkopp at the Helm of a Rigorous Workout Routine

How does society tell what a man should look like?

What should a man look like? I think that’s up to kind of interpretation I think. Little boys should be able to have emotions…and same thing with little girls.

Have you developed a discipline for how you eat?

For me I just pre-decide. You know…was it grown on a plant or was it made in a plant? I try to eat as much whole food as I can.

No Pain, No Gain

What’s so unique about our culture’s perception towards body image?

A big thing in the united states for me is…instant gratification is kind of the thing, right? Where we can develop a application that will have dominos send us pizza to our GPS location. We want to make things convenient.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as a fitness trainer?

What I really, really do enjoy is helping students be where they want to be.